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Chinese Masala

Ever wished of a masala that goes perfectly well in all your loved Chinese food while cooking at home? Now make dishes like Manchurian, fried rice, noodles, manchow soup, chilli paneer and what not! Just add our Chinese masala and we bet you will get the authentic Chinese flavor in every dish.

Kitchen Masala

A masala which everyone needs in their house for sure!! With a blend of aromatic assorted spices in our KITCHEN MASALA make your everyday homemade dishes more flavorful. Be it pulao, sabji or dal or your regular curries. It adds a magical taste to everything.

Oregano Mix Toppings

Isn’t oregano mix everyone’s favorite thing to sprinkle while cooking anything at home? With combination of internationally imported herbs, you can smell the perfection in aroma. Totally pure and preservative free, with authentic flavour making your every dish delicious at home. Sprinkle on pizza, pasta, garlic bread or even experiment it by stuffing in paratha, mouth watering taste is guaranteed. Net Weight- 12g

Pasta Masala

With a blend of homegrown selected spices and touch of exotic Italian herbs this masala will truly add more perfection to your homemade dishes. Give a lip smacking taste to your most loved snacks. Now make restaurant style pasta, relishing spaghetti and kids favourite macaroni at home with our All in one Pasta Masala. Net Weight- 20g

Peri peri Masala

A masala for all those who love to give hot & spicy twist to their food. Indulge in the extra ordinary spice seasoned ride to make every dish mouth-watering with PERI PERI MASALA. It can be easily used as a sprinkler on Fries, pakoras, makhanas or cooked with even leftover rice, noodles or curries. This masala works perfectly on marination dishes as well. Net Weight- 18g

White sauce Masala

Always thinking what to put in cheesy dishes to make it more flavorful?? Here we have a very specially crafted Masala with combination of exotic ingredients to make your Italian food absolutely delicious at home. Try it in white sauce pasta, Lasagna, cheesy spaghetti or even mac & cheese and we are sure you will get perfectly delightful taste. Net Weight- 20g