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Creamy Tomato Soup

The classic tomato soup now comes with a rich and creamy touch to it. Restaurant-style soup can be prepared at home now in just a min. Top it with croutons and get indulged in the goodness of real tomatoes with a creamy twist.

Creamy Veg Soup

With the goodness of vegetables and richness of the cream, you can have this soup any time of the day without any guilt because it's light and tasty on the palate along with the nutritious vegetables which makes it a complete wholesome package.

Hot & Sour Soup

With the perfect blend of spicy chilies and soya sauce, we bring you the traditional Chinese soup which is the best option for the evening snacks or little pangs of hunger in between your meals. Try it once and you can’t resist for making it your regular evening snack.

Manchow Soup

The most popular manchow soup can be prepared at home now that too in a minute. The goodness of real vegetables along with the spiciness of desi Chinese flavor makes it a healthy alternative to your evening cravings. Try this at home and stop ordering from restaurants. A perfect budget-friendly yet delicious option.

Sweet Corn Soup

A perfect blend of vegetables with a rich sweet taste of corns that gives this soup a delicious and subtle taste that even your kids will start having vegetables in a form of this healthy soup..